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A New Ape Year Update

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A tiny snow man in Longford

Things have been awfully quiet the last while on the Pixelapes blog, and not without good reason.

In amongst the disruption of the merry holiday season and the need to decorate our tree, we’ve had a huge amount of work and other things to contend with, none of which have been conducive to writing blog posts (although the paltry snow-fall was less distracting than I would have liked – our snowman was very small).


We’ve been working extremely hard putting the finishing touches to a new website for the Joint Consortium on Gender Based Violence, a website which we’re thrilled to announce is now live having been launched by Dr. Michael Woods TD, at Iveagh House during December. The consortium’s aim is to promote the adoption of a coherent and coordinated response to gender based violence. The consortium is made up of a group of 14 charities and governmental bodies including Oxfam, Concern, Trocaíre, Amnesty International, The Irish Red Cross, The Department of Defence, and many more.

GBV.ie web site screen shot

It was a joy to work with the consortium’s steering committee, who provided a wealth of information to make this website a huge resource for anyone looking for information on gender based violence.

On top of this, we’ve been kept busy with work for a film festival in Scotland, preparation for a huge update to the Media Cube website, more brochure and graphics work for McHugh and Associates, and putting the finishing touches to a website for Next Gen Heat – who offer supply and installation of sustainable heating systems.


Another major contributor to our extreme busyness is the fact that Pixelapes have moved! We’ve upped the ante and now have a bigger office space in the peaceful locality of Aughadowry in Co. Longford (still just about in the North-West of Ireland). There’s still a few boxes lying around the place but the office is in full working order and so much brighter than before. We’ll get some photos of the new office on-line soon, once we’ve decorated a little.

We’re sad to be leaving Ballinamore in Leitrim. It really is a lovely little town and we’ll miss our neighbours and the ever-friendly faces in Donaghue’s, the Commercial and Tourist, Reynolds, and let us not forget our saviours in Nice Star (a very good Chinese and Thai take-away we visited frequently).

As a result we have some new phone numbers. You can now contact us at:

  1. +353 (0)76 602 4237
  2. +353 (0)76 602 4239

Our new mailing address in full is:

Co. Longford,

A New Ape Year Update: 4 Comments

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1. Cormac Moylan
7:50 pm
January 19th, 2008

Congrats on the move guys.
Onwards, upwards and then infinity and beyond..

2. Alex Leonard
7:19 pm
January 21st, 2008

Hey Cormac,

Thanks for the good wishes. Hopefully we’ll be posting up some photos of the new office space once it’s been done up fully :)

3. andy
9:13 pm
January 21st, 2008

yo! happy new year to the pixels! good luck in the new office

4. Donn Maguire
10:47 pm
January 21st, 2008

Cheers Andy, new office is great, much more space for pushing all those pixels round and some good staring windows too.


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